The Biggest Collection


XL and XXXL Terries are perfect for larger plants that need room to grow or trees and bushes that have already begun to make their presence known and they look great both indoors and outdoors. 

Indoor plants can be hard enough, so why place them in something so boring as a plain terra cotta pot?

Sure, they’re efficient and one of the BEST things to put your plants in, but are they inspiring? Do they give your plants personality? Are they cuter than anything, ever??

Well, of course, they aren’t! That’s why Terries are here; they’re fun, vibrant, expressive, and super efficient in that they keep your plants healthy and growing, while also livening up your indoor/outdoor spaces. They make great gifts, friends, and decor items!

** Shipping rates for this product are a little higher than normal due to the fragility of their design. Due to this, they are also subject to a limited refund policy. If one breaks upon delivery, I’ll be more than happy to send one with a similar color palette and size in replacement! No refunds. Y’all know how fragile these terra cotta pots are!